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Welcome to Matthew Donaldson's Photo Site

I'm a keen amateur photographer who has been blessed with living in the large and colourful country of Australia. I travel quite frequently, especially within my home state of South Australia, and I'd like to share with you some photos illustrating God's great creation. I have quite a few loaded so far, but there are many more to come.

The images loaded here are screen resolution, and you are welcome to use them as they are, for non-commercial purposes such as screen savers or desktop backgrounds, or to print them out if you want to. However you must not use them commercially, sell them (electronically or in print form), alter them, or use them on web pages (or link to individual images) without permission.

Full size print resolution versions of most of these images are available for licence for commercial purposes, and you can also purchase physical prints of images at various sizes.

For information about commercial licences, prints of photos, to request permission to use photos on a web site, or any other photo related inquiries, please email

Ok, that's all the legal and commercial stuff taken care of. Have a browse and enjoy the site!

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Every year we produce calendars showcasing South Australian scenery, with scripture verses on the images. We sell these for the cost of printing which was $A22 this year (plus postage costs if you can't pick them up). The cost per calendar depends somewhat on the numbers requested. If you think you might like any calendars for next year, it would be good if you could let us know approximate numbers sometime before November.

To order this year's calendars, or express interest in next year's calendars, please email

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HDR Photos

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos allow photos to be taken of high-contrast scenes where there are bright and dark areas, which wouldn't show up in a normal photo. They are usually produced by taking a number of photos of the same scene with different exposures and then combining them using special software to produce a single image. All the HDR photos here were produced using Photomatix, which I can highly recommend.

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The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork - Psalm 19:1.